Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cuyuna Brewing Company

It's been a long time since I have posted on here. And doesn't mean I'm not traveling​, quite the contrary. We are still doing a fair amount of traveling plus exploring our local areas or wherever our life adventures bring us two. It's that I haven't been blogging very much this year. I do blogging for fun and don't get paid to do it so it often and take a back seat when life happens.
Anyways, this past weekend we found ourselves at Cuyuna Brewing Company. It is a new brewery in Crosby, MN. There is 2nd new brewery that we have to check out as well. Crosby is turning in to quite the destination for trail bike rides and Adventure biking as well as fishing, kayaking, and breweries.

My husband tried a flight of the 4 beers 🍺 currently available (there is a 5th they didn't have right then). He said they were good and really enjoyed the lager, but the alcohol content on that one (7%, usually 3-4%) snuck up on him. I had an Italian soda and played a board game with the kids.

The only food for sale there are bags of gourmet pretzels, but they have menus so you can order food from nearby restaurants that are quite close.

They have tables made of these spools, I had never seen one quite that large before. They also had fun coasters that doubled as new faces. Those were fun to play with. We are usually with our kids when we venture out, so it was nice that there was stuff for them to keep busy with.