Friday, February 5, 2016

My Adventures in Travel

I know what you are thinking -- Another blog? This girl must really like blogging.

What it comes down to is that, yes, I do like blogging. But I also find it a good way to share my pictures and stories in a way that FB seems to limit.

So, here it is -- My Adventures in Travel.

I plan to start our sharing pictures from our most recent trip to Costa Rica (we just returned Wednesday night), but not sure on what my post schedule will be like. This will not be a M-F posting like on Save Green Being Green but maybe more like a weekly posting like I do for my Wordless Wednesday posts, which is where I have shared travel before. I think I may continue to make a Wordless Wednesday collage but then link it over to this blog so that interested people can see larger pictures and read more about it, since Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be wordless. :)

I decided to use the url so that it would make more sense to my readers on my main blog. As I am a thrifty person, most travel adventures have been researched to determine if I can get the maximum amount of adventure for my money. Don't plan on this to be a deal site, but more of a way to help you plan a trip and stick within your budget.

So, passports are in hand! Let's go on anAdventure!

After I share Costa Rica with you, I will begin to share other adventures after I have gone on them. The only "booked" travel plans right now is a girls weekend to Kansas City, MO in April. Another girls weekend in May in Minnesota to Eagle Bluff. Then this summer, we plan to go to Portland, OR again, but this year after a handful of days in the city, we are heading south and plan to hit some of our National Parks in OR and CA that we have not been to. Also, this summer we plan to do a long weekend in WI Dells with family, and then this fall will be a 15th wedding anniversary trip for my husband and myself, we have an idea of where we want to go but nothing solid planned or booked. So, that's what you have to look forward to.

I need to give credit to my 9-year old daughter for the above picture that she took when we were preparing to land in Liberia, Costa Rica.

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