Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tacobar in Jaco, Costa Rica

I do wish we had been able to get back here a second time, perhaps is we find ourselves in Jaco again we will get there.

By the time we heard about this from a tour guide, we had already had lunch but were scoping out a place for ice cream. The tour guide mentioned the Tacobar as a place we should check out because the kids would love to hang out on the swings! So, instead of ice cream somewhere else, we went here for their fresh fruit smoothies. We got two huge sized ones and shared them. My son and huband picked out strawberry & banana while my daughter and I had mango, strawberry papaya. They were delicious and were so refreshing to have when we were so hot.

While we were there we saw the Tacobar for which it so aptly named after that is filled with topping for your tacos and different salads. They also boast about having a cheap "American Breakfast", while we were not able to go back to it and opted to always make our own breakfasts in the house we rented (I should totally tell you about that, another good experience on they sounded good.

I do have to say that since we were here 10 years ago, the restaurants are a lot more Americanized. A LOT! If we had not been here before you might not know what is typical food, which we did have a couple occasions, but more often it was because I bought the ingredients at a grocery store and made food at the rental house. We ate out usually once a day, but it helps to be able to cook things. It helps with both time management as well as trip costs.

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