Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Costa Rican Vacation Shutterfly Book (PLUS FREE 8x8 Book Code)

A deal from Shutterfly just popped up today to get a free 8x8 photo book. I am just sharing this because I thought it was a great deal to get mine done. The code is good until March 22, 2016.
Now, the code gets you a free 8x8 photo book - hard cover. If you choose  a 8x8 hard cover it will discount $29.99, BUT!!!! You can choose a different size hard cover and it will also deduct that same amount. So, if you want a larger book you pay the difference. I upgraded to the 8x11 and I had to pay about $4 difference, but I think it's worth it to have bigger pictures when I am trying to fit so many on one page. It includes 20 pages, so if you have more than that it costs $1.10 a page (for the 8x11).

Also, you do have to pay for shipping which is $8.99. Plus, there are tons of ways they can "get you" to upgrade, so just be careful. It all does really add up, but this is when I make my books.

So, without further hesitation, here is My Costa Rican Vacation Photo Book:

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at

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