Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sky Deck in Chicago, Illinois

In October, we took a long weekend trip to Chicago and going to the Skydeck was one of the top things on our list so we did it the very first night we are there. We got there on a Wednesday, so the line wasn't too long to get up to the top. You take an elevator to the top, but before you get to the Skydeck Ledge there will be a room with information to learn more about the statistics of the Willis Tower (hard to not remember it as the Sears Tower) and a scrolling screen of other sights and activities in Chicago. There will also be a screening room to watch a short movie, which we did not do so I honestly cant tell you anything about it, but it is included.

A few pictures with my kids in the waiting area and at the top.

Here are pictures of the family at the ledge. When you get to the ledge, there are 2 of them. One is for a professional photograph (you can choose to do this or not, we did). The other is the public ledge which you will wait in line longer for and have to ask someone else to take your picture. I am so wishing I had my selfie stick before this trip, because the picture of my husband and I on the ledge is all blurry and believe me when I tell you that this was the best one, some of the other ones it looks like we were moving, but it wasn't us moving, it was the person taking the pictures. Half a dozen pictures and that was the best one. Kind of disappointing, especially since I took there picture and know how to use a camera and make sure it's in focus and how to hold it steady.

The picture of my kids is one I took. You can see my son was slightly terrified and is probably not breathing at all while I take the picture. LOL!

I am definitely happy we went because the views are absolutely amazing. The kids have a cheaper price than the adults, so you save a little money there. I bought our adult tickets when I saw a deal pop up on Travelzoo that ended up saving a total of $9 on 2 tickets. Every little bit helps.

Here is my post from my Wordless Wednesday Post on Save Green Being Green, that includes the breathtaking views at night of the Skydeck.

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